Greenway Commission

The Roanoke Valley Greenway Commission was established with the signing of an intergovernmental agreement among the four participating governments (City of Roanoke, Roanoke County, City of Salem, and Town of Vinton) on April 19, 1997. The Commission is an advisory body with responsibilities and duties which are detailed in the intergovernmental agreement and summarized here:

  • Establish and periodically revise a greenway plan for Roanoke Valley
  • Advise and assist the participating governments on
    • Existing and potential opportunities for greenways
    • Federal, state, and local legislation concerning greenways
    • Standards for design and construction of greenways
    • Project plans and timetables
  • Assist with solicitation of donations, grants, property, and services for the greenways
  • Facilitate cooperation among the participating governments, coordinate the efforts of federal, state and local jurisdiction, and pursue public/private partnerships in the development, construction and maintenance of the greenways
  • Coordinate with Pathfinders for Greenways in its use of volunteers for greenway and other trail construction and maintenance

The intergovernmental agreement was revised on January 23, 2009. The bylaws were revised on October 28, 2009.


Voting Members

  • Five members appointed by each participating government (3 citizens and 2 staff)
  • One representative of the Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • One representative of Pathfinders for Greenways

Non-Voting Members

  • One representative of the Blue Ridge Land Conservancy
  • One representative of the Western Virginia Water Authority
  • One representative from the Roanoke Valley Alleghany Regional Commission
  • The Commission may add non-voting members to represent other interested organizations

Voting Members

Botetourt County: Warren Clark, Tim Miller, Mary Ann Layman-Miller,
Roanoke City: Jim Lee, James Revercomb, Jim Ritchie
Roanoke County:  Bob Blankenship, Donald Witt, Jason Moretz
Salem: Mac Johnson, Butch Elam, Dee King
Vinton: Matthew Hare, Janet Scheid, Bud LaRoche
Roanoke Valley Transportation Planning Organization: Lee Osborne
Pathfinders for Greenways: Roger Holnback
Botetourt County Staff: Jerod Myers, Jim Farmer
Roanoke City Staff: Steve Buschor, Phil Schirmer
Roanoke County Staff: Lindsay Blankenship, Megan Cronise
Salem City Staff: Ben Tripp, Skip Lautenschlager
Town of Vinton Staff: Anita McMillan

Non-voting Members

Blue Ridge Bicycle Club: Ron Bell
Roanoke Chapter International Mountain Biking Association: Jim Wilbourne
Roanoke Regional Partnership: Pete Eshelman
Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission: Amanda McGee
Star City Striders: Karen Dillon
Blue Ridge Land Conservancy: David Perry
Western Virginia Water Authority: Sarah Baumgardner
Hollins University: Renee Godard


Greenway Coordinator: Liz Belcher 540-777-6330


Meetings of the Commission and its committees are open to the public. The Commission meets on the 4th Wednesday of most months at 4:00 PM. The date, time and location of meetings are available in the office of the Commission at 1206 Kessler Mill, Salem, and may be obtained from the Greenway Coordinator at that address or by telephone or email (see contact information above). Meetings and other events are posted on the Roanoke Valley Greenways web site Information about committee meetings may also be obtained from the chairs of the committees, listed below


Executive – This committee is the coordinating group for the Commission and is empowered to conduct business on behalf of the commission in the periods between commission meetings. Members are elected by the full commission; these include four officers and three at-large members. A representative of Pathfinders for Greenways is a non-voting participant in the Executive Committee.

Locality Teams – The appointed members of each of the participating governments meet periodically to discuss issues specific to their localities’ existing and planned greenways and trails. The chairs of these committees are:

Joint Committees with Pathfinders for Greenways

Development – This committee is engaged in fundraising efforts for the greenway system.

Public Relations and Education – This committee provides support for the Bridge the Gap campaign and also educational and promotional efforts for the greenway system including signs, maps, and web support.

Special Events – This committee provides support for greenway events such as the annual picnic and Gallop 4 the Greenways.

Foundation for Roanoke Valley Advisory Committee – This committee advises the Foundation for Roanoke Valley on the disbursement of funds from the Roanoke Valley Greenways Fund established by Pathfinders for Greenways. The Commission Chair serves ex officio as the chair of this committee, which also includes the Greenway Coordinator, Treasurer of the Greenway Commission, and three representatives of Pathfinders for Greenways.